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Harewood Church to Wheldrake

We had been told about the Harewood Church Hawfinches in the proceeding week. We had also seen a couple of Twitter posts, I refuse to call it X so we were hopeful have a positive outcome to our trip. We parked in the Muddy Boots Café on Church Lane in Harewood village, £2 a bargin! We walked down to the church and there was already two birders there, they explained they had seen them from a distance at the very tops of the trees. Most of my friends said it’s a wonder I didn’t just burst into flames in the churchyard, I’m so anti religious. I’m not anti religion, I’m anti people ramming their beliefs down your throat.
The Hawfinches were visible but from a distance, so no worthy photographs, I’ll try harder next time. I did meet another birder Dave Ward, who has a really great website check it out! We chatted about the past and it was great to meet someone older than me (he’ll chuckle at that) great to meet you Dave.
Deer were also very visible as you walked towards the church and very photographable also unphased by our presence but we were distant. On the way back to the car we saw Great Spotted Woodpecker, Jay, three joggers and a lot of dogwalkers letting their dogs crap and not pick it up. We had a coffee sat outside the Muddy Boots café; it was absolutely rammed inside. We immediately attracted Red Kites and we were treated to a fabulous arial display as they swooped down to see if I had left any scraps. Good luck with that one, I didn’t get this big leaving scraps.
Thorganby Viewing Platform reported Smew
There was a report on @yorkbirding and the website of the same name, the best website in the whole world that covers York and the surrounding area.  A Smew, and I wanted to see it. When we got there it was already in the scope of Jane & Rob Chapman and as I could only see a white blob in my bins, I was very grateful. We were soon joined by other notable York birders, Jonno Leadley, Duncan Bye and Craig Rolson, good birds on your patch attract birders and me. It was good to talk, one guy, sorry I don’t know your name told us that he had just seen a couple of Waxwings in Wheldrake village. We did know they were there, but on our way through although we checked we did not see any. We were driving back in that direction so we could re check.
Wheldrake Village.
As we drove through we immediately spotted the Waxwing and one other viewer, a local with a passing interest in birds. The villagers were absolutely smashing as we hung around for over an hour and joined by a small but select group including Rob and Jane along with a few others and lots and lots of passers-by. Thank you to all who stopped for a chat and to find out a bit more about the enigmatic Waxwing.
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