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This is a dedicated page about the area of North Yorkshire where I live.

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Frampton Marsh

Birds never stop amazing me, the interaction between the Spoonbill and the Black Winged Stints was incredible. I and many of my friends
Feeding together

Spoonbill to Spotted Redshank Part 2

Spoonbills are not the most tolerant of other birds, especially when feeding. In the film the Spoonbill and the Stint are feeding very closely to each other, something I have never seen before either in person or in the many films and videos I have watched. I also know how lucky I am to have seen this in the UK. Who knows maybe the Stints will make an attempt at breeding in this amazing location.

I didn't really want to go Birding on this particular day, however Phil, who is one of my longest standing friends and I had not been out for some time. Phil understood I was having a tough time and knew it would do me good. I also had words ringing in my ears from another long standing mate Pete. Go on it'll do you good. It's really easy to wallow and even feel sorry for yourself and I didn't want to do that.

We didn't set of too early but it's a two hour drive to Frampton from where I live, Phil arrived at mine bang on time and we were of, talking about birding, anything and everything, two minutes later we were there, well that's how it felt. And as soon as we got out of the car and after the necessary visit to the loo after a two hour drive we were into it. Ruff, Shelduck, and Wood sandpiper, even a Garganey all from the car park.
ABOVE: Black Winged Stilt & Spoonbill.
ABOVE: Garganey
ABOVE: Northern Lapwing.
ABOVE: The magnificent Wood Sandpiper.
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