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Alkborough Flats and the area of Alkborough is not in Yorkshire, however this is most definitely one of my favourite birding spots. Yesterday, 17th September 2017 I visited with long term birding friend Phil Smithson. Phil picked me up at 6.15am and we set of in very poor visibility, low heavy fog but with a strange glow above. Our route, M62, M18 didn't clear at all until we got into the Burton Upon Strather area and then only slightly. We were determined to get out of the car and at the very least walk and listen, and what a soundscape. The first sound I heard was of
Reed Buntings, hundreds of Reed Buntings, Then a single Cetis Warbler and a loud symphony of bird calls & alerts all coming from the fog.

We got to the hide and decided to go in and wait for the fog to clear, we didn't wail long. As the fog cleared it was very evident that this was going to be one of the best mornings birding we have had for a long time in this very special place. Water Rail, not one but five Water Rail just presented themselves for photographs and a good old proper look. As the mist slowly but surely cleared more and more birds that we could hear started to reveal themselves to us. Bearded Tit (Bearded Reedling) was next, four of them just looking at us, surrounded by Reed Bunting, Chiffchaff, and this amazing soundscape.
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Reed Buntings in the fog.
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Black Tailed Godwits
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Pied Wagtail
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There was at least 12 Snipe here today and because of the fog were moving ever closer to the Hide. Two Marsh Harriers were sweeping in and out of the fog too scattering the birds but they returned time after time. A Peregrine also made a brief but significant appearance once again scattering all in its path.
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Meanwhile, Down on the Humber.
West of the Humber Bridge, Many hundreds of Avocet.

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