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To start with the day was cold, very cold. We set off from Leeds wondering what the day would bring, perhaps some rare exotics or even better, Shrike … well we were getting a bit fed up with no sun and still quite cold so we decided to leave the woodpecker and Golden Plover at Stone Creek and head to Spurn.

When we arrived we parked in the Crown and Anchor car park and had a walk around but saw nothing so we drove to the Blue bell car park with a longer walk in mind down past the new half built visitor centre.

Spurn Visitor Centre

Above is the new part built Spurn Visitor Centre.

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Above. Stone Creek. and the Stone Creek Woodpecker.

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Stone Creek looking over to the ports of Immingham.

It wasn't long before we were joined by other birders and I'm a great believer that many eyes are better than mine. Then a chap said "Pied Flycatcher" Ooooo Superb I said then looked left and there it was in bushes between the Church yard and Kew Villa, That made my day, but then in the same area, Yellow Browed Warbler and Red Brested Flycatcher.

A chap with a radio had told us that there was a Red Backed Shrike in the Graveyard on the road to Sammy's point and as the sun was shining we thought we would set off and try and find it. When we arrived we saw lots of disappointed faces all walking back to there cars, Has it gone, Phil asked, yes they said, we didn't stop we went up to Sammy's for a walk about. There was a few Redstart about (thanks to Liverpool birder) and we got good views of the Golden plover and thousands of migrating birds over the estuary. Wheatear on the rocks and beautiful dramatic vistas.

After a hour or so we thought we would go back to the graveyard and see if we could find the Shrike so off we went. There was a small group of people with scopes a bit further down the road looking at the hedge that runs east to west from the road 100 metres further down the road so I started to walk down. There it was sat at the top of the bushes, great views, it wasn't long before the word was out and we were joined by many more people hungry for Shrike. Fantastic day with my long time birding buddy Phil Smithson.
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Above, birders get great views of the Red Backed Shrike and below the very same Red Backed Shrike, most certainly the best views I have ever had.

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