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Rubbish Images,Great Birds, Garden First.

Just another one of those days, damp, very foggy and not worth going out of the house for "any reason". I'd been doing rubbish stuff all day and now it's 3:00pm and what little light we had was fading fast, there was even fog in the garden, a first I think. My wife said do you want a cup of tea…Yea got on then, please! Have you seen all those birds in the corner of the garden she said as she was walking into the kitchen!

I just stood up, there was the usual Wren on the wall, a group of about ten Long Tailed Tits in the Sycamore tree, the usual group of Coal Tits on the feeders and the fence. Goldfinches and other tits flying around and the usual Blackbird on the decking post trying to outstare me through the glass. Sometimes he wins sometimes he doesn't. But he always tries, he has that look…Who do you think you are! And I think, no one. I'm just the guy that puts the food out…Foodie Man, that's me.
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Above & below, the beautiful Goldcrest, Britains smallest bird. A massive garden tick for me and a huge thrill to see.
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Out of the corner of my eye I could see some birds deeper into the leafless and lifeless autumn bushes, I just stared into the half light. A chaffinch hopped out but I realised there was something smaller, much smaller, I ran to get my camera. As I grabbed it I turned it on, thought what could it be and removed the lens cap whilst maintaining traction on the wooden floor in my socks, all in one action, Impressive Eh!

It was a Goldcrest, yea you heard it, a Goldcrest, in my garden, I was so thrilled, my observation skills were all there, intact, Who Da Man.
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Above: Long Tailed Tit, one of many.

The next day we went for a walk and we could see a large flock of birds in the distance flying towards us, it was a mixed flock of mostly Fieldfare with Redwing interspersed, about 600 - 800 birds, a magnificent sight. Still very foggy I got a few shots just for the record.
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