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Brown Shrike Thursday 22 10 2020

The Shrike had been at South Elmsall near Pontefract for quite some time before I got off my bum and went. I had seen many images and had quite a few texts and emails letting me know what I was missing. It's only 30 minutes away from where I live so off I went. Meeting Phil there at 10:30am we then yompt the half mile or so to the bird. As I had basically come from work I was wearing nice shiny patent Doc Martens not wellington boots and the mud in places was 200mm deep. With shoes caked in mud we entered the last field you can see from the image below, nice long wet grass! This took all the mud off and polished the shoes to perfection, Looking good. :-)
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The image above is showing just how far we were away from the Shrike. The bird was in the bush at the far right corner on the edge of the frame.

There has been many discussions as to what kind of shrike this is and all sorts of notions, some founded and some unfounded. For me I was unsure and on twitter called it a Northern Shrike which covered even or most eventualities.

I then read Jonno Ladleys blog "
Birding Dad" and the science just stacks up. Have a read.
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