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Hutton, East Yorkshire

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I was in Hutton East Yorkshire this weekend and although the weather was awful the sound was great for anyone who cared to listen. I was stood in a gateway on a country road and because the winds were so high the birds were static, the sounds wonderful and the lighting beautiful. The Blackbirds were complaining along with the Wrens and they were quickly joined by every other species. You can find the soundscape from Hutton on the Soundscapes page with all the wind noise removed. On Saturday morning we went out with friends and drove to Rudston, a very rural area agin in easy Yorkshire, as we entering the village we saw a very large flock of birds to my right. At first i thought they were Linnets but after they landed and me getting my gear out, they were Yellowhammers. Now we all know they travel in large flocks but how many of us have seen large flocks? We tend to see them as lonely birds at the top of hedgerows or even just hear them from a distance, the unmistakable sound of a hedge top crooner.