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High Speed Birds

To say it's windy is an understatement, I'm here at Wheldrake in the Derwent Valley, Its my local patch really and it really is a wonderful birding paradise. There are 1000s of birds all hunkered down for the day because they already know what we are just finding out. The winds are really strong, a flock of goldfinch have just passed me at little above head height doing at least 600mph Clarkson would be proud and Hammond would have crashed.

There are very few birds in the air as when they attempt to rise, the are carried off at high speed turning into missiles in an instant. The sun is shining in a very dramatic way, low fluffy bits of cloud and blue sky poking through to make this beautiful scene. Some birds, very powerful flyers are in the air, playing and frolicking with the wind, these are of course gulls.