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It's cold, very cold I wanted to see the Loons in Scarborough Harbour. The Common Loon or Great Northern Diver is a large member of the Loon family of birds. It's 5.00am and a one hour forty five minute drive to Scarborough Harbour and yes I am observing all and I mean all Covid-19 restrictions. We are all in this country expecting a full lockdown in the coming days so I suspect this will be my last trip for some time. I intend to see no one and speak to no one other than through the mask that saves people from the shock of my ugly mug.
I got there just as light was breaking. There was a chap already waiting and I could see he was one of those types that never stops moving, up and down the walkway. "I saw them I saw them" he said, Ah very good I said. It's a Loon he said, Certainly is, I said. Have you seen one before he asked? Yes many times but always good to see another, especially three together! What time does the cafe open he asked, Well, he had obviously mistaken me for the walking talking larger version of Google but that's okay. I just wanted leaving alone really. He never stopped moving but was friendly and knowledgeable and kept a respectful distance in these Covid days, that was appreciated.
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Short Eared Owl. Bempton Cliffs.

Same day and a different location, this was Bempton Cliffs. The site was surprisingly busy with car parks almost full. People just want to get some space really. Everyone I saw was socially distant and respectful. I was only there twenty minutes as the light was fading fast. I managed to get the shots below before the light went then a slow drive home quite satisfied with my last day of freedom.

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