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The Champions of the Flyway
Bird Race

Champions of the Flyway 2018

It’s 7.15pm and I’m sat in the Ron Cook hub on the York University campus. I’m looking out of the windows at birds in silhouette to see if I can identify them, some I can and some I can’t Heslington is really quite ethereal at night in the winter. Last night I went to a talk, a lecture, a piece of information delivered expertly by a fellow if somewhat better birder. The Champions of the flyway was the title “a talk by Mark James Pearson” @fileybirder. A passionate uncompromising man with a message, a great message. A multimedia presentation showing images of birds that you would hope you would never see, upsetting images, images that make you angry, that make you want to get of your backside and do something.

The message was give us your money so we, his team, including Jono Leadley a friend of mine can raise money to go to Israel and raise awareness about the illegal killing of migratory birds, the money raised will go to Birdlife international, a superb World Wide organisation that makes a real difference to the survival of endangered bird species through support and real education. But it wasn’t all doom and gloom, there was and there is, "hope" but some of the statistics are grim. But one statistic, the amount of funds raised was not grim, it makes you understand that for every person who shoots, traps and kills birds there are hundreds if not thousands who will donate, and help, there are those like Mark and Jono who will get out there and get stuck in, help to change attitudes through education and simple common interest.

The thing is I’ve followed The Champions of the flyway bird race since 2014, it’s interesting and as an armchair bird racer it’s exciting, even funny, well the serious Norwegians are. You could say it is a light hearted serious fund raising event but the real word is “vital”. I’m sure all the teams enjoy every minute, but scratch the very thin lacquer and you are deep into World Wide bird conservation and the teams do not compromise because killing tens of millions of birds, the kind of birds that back home, here in York, Yorkshire, the dales, your back garden are missing, like Blackcaps, small birds & big birds like raptors, common birds like Redwings make no mistake are being systematically wiped of the face of the earth.

That’s why these pioneers need your support, ah yes that’s the rub, money, not huge amounts, but it can and will make a huge difference to this cause.

You can donate though any of these chann
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Please support the Yorkshire Terriers in our quest to help stop illegal bird killing in the Med - click the link!