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Blue Footed Booby

We set off for our walk and headed in our usual direction from Hillam to Burton Salmon, through the fields and in and out of bluebell wood. As we walked down the farm track towards the cricket pitch we passed a family group. As we passed the man said that’s a big camera, I think he’s photographing birds! This was of course to his children, little girl aged about 4 and boy about 6/7 ish the little girl could even have been 3 years old and extremely articulate and chatty.

What’s your favourite bird asked dad to the kids, a Blue footed Booby said the little girl. Then she said possibly a Purple Breasted Roller, at this point you could hear me laughing in Leeds. And to top it off the little boy then reeled off several of the worlds and South America's most endangered species.

They were on bicycles so they overtook us and off into the distance. I couldn’t leave it at that so when they turned to come back I pounced. Their knowledge was impeccable, even more than that, if there is “better than impeccable” these kids were that.

I talked to Dave, the parent and Dave, Eleri and Eddie told me all about the game they played “bird bingo” Now I’ve made giant bird bingo for one of my best friends in Ossett, he runs a bird club, in fact a few bird clubs in a local school he is connected with. I think I have seen the educational benefit of bird bingo, wonderfully confident, fabulous children.

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Dave with Elerie and Eddie
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