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North East, Salthome, Zinc Road and the Gares

I love the North East of England, especially the coastal areas just below and above Seaton. With it's mixture of industry both working and derelict and wide open spaces and amazing beaches. I once took a friend and he was astounded at the contrasting landscape and the beauty therein. I've been there many times and the birding is always great but of course there is also lots of other wildlife.

Butterflies, Seals, Fox and other mammalian wildlife are all there if you look close enough. Recently there have been porpoise, and even Minke and Orca seen just off the coast, a truly magnificent sight.
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Above: Chalk Hill Blue (I think)
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Above: The gentle Kittiwake
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Above: Three shots of the Guillemot, keeping out of the way of the Kittiwake.
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Above. The majestic Sandwich Terns & one below.
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Below: Common Tern with its catch.
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Below: Left, Redshank and on the right Black Tailed Godwit.
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Below: Black Tailed Godwit.
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Above: Golden Plover and the smaller Dunlin.
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Above: Curlew Sandpiper.

Below: Redshank.
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