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Birding with my wife.

Getting the time to go birding at the weekend can be a struggle sometimes. But if you can get your partner interested in what you do that can be a real bonus for your birding interests. Some of my friends cannot get a pass out every weekend as they have child or family duties. I have to resort to go birding alone or cajole Maureen to go with me.

There was a time when the idea of going birding with Maureen was the stuff of a horror movie as there was no interest. But as the years progress she has taken a great interest in all things wildlife. So today when I said do you fancy going birding, she said yes. This is a great help as when I am driving she can spot the things I need to pull over for. It's also great to spend time doing even more things together. Another bonus is she stops me eating rubbish and keeps me of the kind of foods only a weak me could eat.

We started this morning with a drive to Wheldrake first stopping at bank Island. We surveyed Bank Island however there was very little to be seen. So proceeded to the Storwood and Melbourne areas of York. Up high in the sky we saw a couple of Red Kites and within a few moments they were been mobbed by Crows many meters below where we first saw them. As the Red Kites twisted and turned they spooked approximately 500 Geese which scattered in all directions, after a few minutes the geese landed in a nearby field.

I scanned the flock and saw there was two Egyptian geese, Greylag, Canada and at lease six white fronted. I must admit I do struggle with the identification of some geese so it took me at least fifteen minutes to pick out the white fronted. Then just as I had identified them the whole flock spooked again this time by a Sparrow hawk and that was the last I saw of them.

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Egyptian Geese look like they belong in a horror movie.
Steve Farley
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Amongst the Canada geese, Greylag, Teal and Wigeon were these two Egyptian geese. Like something from another world, Egyptian geese are rather unusual to look at and completely different from anything else in the uk.
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Above is a young Canada goose.
The video shows Mistle Thrush at Bank Island and Egyptian geese in Storwood.
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Magnificent Barn Owl near Melbourne.
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