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This is a dedicated page about the area of North Yorkshire where I live.

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Welcome to @Yorkshirewild 2024
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It's a Night Heron

I use an alert system which is countrywide to alert me to birds that are locally or nationally scarce or rare. If they are very rare, they are called Mega's. For these birds below, there was and still is at the time of writing this a pair in Ossett West Yorkshire. This is nothing short of a miracle.

The Species is Nycticorax (Latin Name) the bird looks a little grey but is in fact very white with slightly skin tone ish legs. It was fascinating to watch it feeding.


Wykeham Forest

Crossbill can be really hard to find! Famous last words, Some years none and others quite plentiful, North Yorkshire, especially Wykeham Forest can be a bit of a hot spot.
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It's a Sunday morning in February. Some photographers have been posting images of Crossbill in both North Yorkshire and Middleton in Teesdale, a good sign you may think, but dead certs are rarely that in the birding world. We went to Wykeham Forest raptor watchpoint and although we could hear crossbill it was some hours before we got a view, plenty of Buzzard and Goshawk though, too distant to photograph,
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After a couple of hours we decided to leave the car and walk through the forest towards another viewpoint deep in the forest. As we approach the well-known car park, we could hear crossbills chattering above us. After a few minutes we got our eye in and started to see well camouflaged birds above our heads, very high in the trees. Don't judge the photograph too harshly, I was having a bad day with the camera.
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Crossbill are really well camouflaged among the pinecones and Pine needle branches. As I explained above, sometimes they are much easier to identify by sound.
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I spent most of last year rebuilding my business, making sure we stayed afloat and ensuring everyone's future was safe. This impacted greatly on my birding activity. I make no apologies for this, I did what I had to do, I do hope you missed me!

Attenborough Nature Reserve

I really hope 2023 is much better for us all, much better for wildlife and much better for birds and birding. 2022 wasn't a bad year, in fact, it was quite a good one, more people seemed gentler, more in tune with nature, people spent more time outside, noticing more and intern "kinder".
Common Birds but plenty of joy.

I have never seen a nature reserve as busy as Nottingham's Attenborough nature reserve and visitor centre. People are desperate for the freedom that being outdoors brings. There were hundreds and hundreds of people with children and dogs all enjoying this vast open space.

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Above: Egyptian Goose (more in the video)
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Above: Gull on the Ice.
Stacks Image 4914
Above: Grey Heron and Great White Egret heading for trouble.
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Above: Grey Heron and Great White Egret nearly collide in the mist.
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Above: Great White Egret in the mist.

Two Days in the North

Two Days in The North East
A Video Diary
Above film in UHD.
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It's January and a few trips planned

Blacktoft Sands, Yorkshire.

It was a quiet day at Blacktoft Sands, not many birds about, it was cold though…very cold and crisp. I saw some ponies walking towards us, probably half a mile away. Within what seemed to be a couple of minutes they were in the water.

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